E2MDM Mobile Device Management - helps anyone who manages
Smartphones to quickly, effciently and economically access real-time
information about their company's devices. This information helps IT
and Telecom mangers make the best possible business decisions,
save money and control costs. This service helps save you time and
money by allowing you to make business decisions based on mobile
usage that is happening right now!

E2MDM works by frst sending a small application to the Smartphone over the air. After the 60-second installation, E2MDM is ready and works transparently in the background, anywhere in the world, regardless of carrier. E2MDM doesn't require any involvement from the phones user to send information to our servers. After information is received, IT or Telecom mangers are able to review device information in E2MDM's web-based user interface, compatible TEM software, or in CSV, FTP, Web or XML formats.

With our E2MDM software, Telecom and IT managers
get real-time access to a device's:

  • Hardware statistics such as the make/model of device, IMEI or Electronic Serial Number (ESN), SIM ID (IMSI), PIN and available memory.
  • Software statistics such as the OS version and on-board applications.
  • Usage statistics such as user name, mobile number, carrier, calling and SMS (Texting) detail with geo-location, radio (transmission) type, directory assistance use (Our New Service allows you to redirect to FREE 411 directories), roaming, international calling, calling plan pool minutes, SIM card changes, phone number changes, carrier changes and no usage indication.

E2MDM has helped companies to create new revenue streams, retain customers, upgrade current client's services, help control usage costs and curb abuse of company-provided mobile devices.

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Manage Smartphone
usage in real time,
along with free 411